2, 3 and 4-ways ball valves series COMPACT have been designed for insertion in distribution boxes to the collector, for the interception of fan-coil and for all those applications where space insertion of the motor-driven valve is restricted thanks to the servomotor extremely compact and of reduced dimensions.
The body of the ball valve is constructed according to DIN 3537 and DIN 3539 and approved to brand DIN DVGW; is of heavy type and full bore seals PTFE ball pure and stabilized that guarantee the seal on the ball.
The ball valve is equipped with a servo motor of the reversible type with two directions of rotation that allows, by means of an electronic equipment, the choking of the fluid flowing through the ball valve.
The servomotor is supplied in versions with internal relay that allows connection to a thermostat with a cable only (ON-OFF) or without relay, with auxiliary microswitch with contacts.
The servomotor is supplied with connection cable 5 or 6 poles colored with a useful section of 0.5 mm².